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How to Use Someone’s Phone Number to Hack Their Phone

It appears that hacking is so easy these days such that you can hack someone’s phone using their phone number. On the other hand, it’s easier said than done. Most applications that demand only the number end up being a scam. How to Use Someone’s Phone Number to Hack Their Phone So, is there a

Top Shooting Games to Try This Year

Video games are becoming more popular every day. They help get distracted from the daily routine and dive into a virtual world for a couple of hours. Top Shooting Games to Try This Year If you’re a real fan of shooters, scroll down below and explore the best desktop video games to play this year.

How to Delete Local and Remote Git Branch

Branches are part of the daily development process and one of Git’s most powerful features. Once a branch is merged, it serves no purpose other than historical research. It is common and recommended to delete the branch after a successful merge. How to Delete Local and Remote Git Branch This guide explains how to delete local and

Top 4 Ad Blockers for iPhone and iPad

If you are constantly bombarded by advertisers, you might want to know how to stop pop-ups on your iPhone or iPad and ad network tracking. Fortunately, iOS supports software that block ads. However, since there are so many “adblocker” apps available in the App Store, it can be difficult to know which app to download. In

Top 3 Service to Fax from Outlook 2020

With recent technological developments, you can now send faxes without a traditional fax machine. Fax machines of old require high upfront costs and restrict the user to a specific location. Fortunately, technology has made faxing to be as easy as emailing in today’s terms. Best of all, you get to carry your premium fax in

YouTube Premium | What It is and How it Works

YouTube Premium promises to improve our viewing experience on the Internet’s largest video platform, but is it really worth it? YouTube Premium is the subscription service of the well-known video platform. It offers ad-free viewing of all videos, offline playback and exclusive content with paywalls, mainly made by famous YouTube people. YouTube Premium | What

Wattpad | The Social Network Desk

Wattpad is the app designed for those who love to read and write. You want to post your story or read those of others. Here’s how it works. The writing is a way to express themselves, to communicate, to process: there are many people who have this passion and love to make up stories and short stories. Fortunately,

How to Increase Siri Security on iPhone Lock Screen

Increase Siri Security: Siri is a great helper for certain tasks, like helping us control our music. Its key is the speed and comfort when carrying them out. As a result, some minor functions can be activated or used by someone outside the device. How to Increase Siri Security on iPhone Lock Screen They are not too

How to Export Contacts from iCloud

Export Contacts from iCloud: The management of contacts in iCloud synchronized in all our Apple devices is one of the best I have seen, except for one detail. From iOS devices it is impossible to export contact groups to share them with other people unless you do it one by one. It is something that I would

How to Activate Wi-Fi Calling on Your iPhone

Over time, Apple has added more features to phone calls. Now and thanks to the telephone operators, the iPhone can also make calls through your home Wi-Fi. Let’s see how we can activate Wi-Fi calling on iPhone. Of course, first we must make sure that our operator supports this function. Check the list of operators