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How to Use Google Stadia Controller as a Gamepad on a PC

Google Stadia Controller: Initially, the Google Stage controller on the PC did not work fully, but thanks to several updates, Google finally forced it … to plug in. However, now it is also possible to use the Stadia remote control on a PC wirelessly and we will tell you everything you need to connect and

Spyier Review: The Best Phone Spy App 2020

The most typical intention for people to want a spy solution would be to keep an eye on somebody’s phone. On many occasions, these spying operations are initiated by diligent employers, concerned parents, or caring spouses. So, are you doubting that your partner is cheating on you? Is your kid distressed but don’t want to

How To Scan Documents Through Android Phone

Usually to create a digital archive of physical documents, we will scan using a Scanner that is connected to the computer. But what happens if you find the Scanner is damaged and can not be used? Now in this day and age, we can use an alternative scan or scan documents using a mobile device or

How to Subscribe and Pay Netflix Using Jenius

Subscribe and Pay Netflix Using Jenius: As a streaming and video-on-demand service from the land of Uncle Sam, Netflix has succeeded in attracting many people. Even now the services of the Telkom have unblocked Netflix so that it can be enjoyed by the wider community. How to Subscribe and Pay Netflix Using Jenius Unfortunately the

How to Watch Netflix Up to Four Devices at Once

Watch Netflix: Netflix as a video on demand service platform offers four subscription packages that you can enjoy through various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart televisions. One interesting streaming subscription package to try for families is the Netflix Premium package, also known as the Netflix Family Plan, because in this package you

What Students Prefer: Android or iPhone?

The battle between Android fans and iPhone lovers is still ongoing. People choose one type of smartphone over another because of multiple reasons, such as price, opportunity to customize their device, the phone’s looks, and more. Yet, when choosing a smartphone, it’s just as important to consider for what you’ll be using it. So, what

Spyic Review: The Best Android Spy App

Today’s world is overcrowded and this is true in every sense. We have ample of options at every front. Though it seemed a boon, it turned out to be a bane lately because it takes a lot to find out the right choice when we need a product/service. It realized the depth of this statement

What are the Main New Features of Telegram 6.3

New Features of Telegram 6.3: The Telegram application has been updated for computers and cell phones, gaining many new features. Find out what’s changed in it! The  Telegram  is a messaging app quite popular, which can be used both on computers and on mobile phones. What are the Main New Features of Telegram 6.3 Thus, the program

Fortnite Mobile: 10 Must-Have Tips and Tricks

Fortnite Mobile is the game phenomenon of the moment. The Battle Royale is breaking audience records on Twitch and YouTube and managing to win over more and more players, even eclipsing its rival PUBG . Fortnite Mobile: 10 Must-Have Tips and Tricks Free, Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and iOS. The game landed on