How to Improve Sales Conversations By cNumber?

Connecting with your visitors, showcasing them your products/services, and converting them to leads. All of this completes the sales cycle. Sounds simple, right? Do you know the average conversion rate across multiple industries is 2.35%? And do you know the prime reason here is the incompetent communication system? If yes, then you must know what

How to Increase Siri Security on iPhone Lock Screen

Increase Siri Security: Siri is a great helper for certain tasks, like helping us control our music. Its key is the speed and comfort when carrying them out. As a result, some minor functions can be activated or used by someone outside the device. How to Increase Siri Security on iPhone Lock Screen They are not too

How to Install GCam 7.4 on Android

Modified version of Google Camera 7.4 with news to improve your photos has been released and can be installed on devices running Android 10. Learn how it is done! The  Google Camera , also popularly called GCAM, as its name suggests, is an application for taking pictures and recording videos, which comes pre-installed on devices

How to Install Kodi on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone

With cable cutting on the rise, Kodi, XBMC’s proprietary media player, has become one of the most sought after software to access movies, television shows and live TV, so let’s see how to install Kodi on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone. How to Install Kodi on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone The latest Kodi 18 update

How to Install LineageOS on Your Android Smartphone

CyanogenMOD is now over. From the ashes was born the LineageOS project, which has already met with great success and takes up the bases and values ​​of the Cyanogen fire model. If you want to taste this alternative ROM but don’t know exactly how to install it, follow our tutorial to install it on your smartphone

How to Mirror iPhone Screen on TV with Chromecast

One of the most interesting options that our iPhone or iPad allow us is that of being able to duplicate the screen on a television to view our photos or videos on a larger screen. This works wonderfully when you use AirPlay and Apple devices, however not all of us have an Apple TV connected to the

How To Scan Documents Through Android Phone

Usually to create a digital archive of physical documents, we will scan using a Scanner that is connected to the computer. But what happens if you find the Scanner is damaged and can not be used? Now in this day and age, we can use an alternative scan or scan documents using a mobile device or

How to Set up Chromecast | Complete guide

Set up Chromecast: Chromecast allows you to capture videos, music and pictures from your phone and project them to your TV, all you have to do is set up and connect the Chromecast to the TV , start watching a video on your smartphone or tablet and press the “Cast” button to cast it on

How to Subscribe and Pay Netflix Using Jenius

Subscribe and Pay Netflix Using Jenius: As a streaming and video-on-demand service from the land of Uncle Sam, Netflix has succeeded in attracting many people. Even now the services of the Telkom have unblocked Netflix so that it can be enjoyed by the wider community. How to Subscribe and Pay Netflix Using Jenius Unfortunately the

How to Use Google Stadia Controller as a Gamepad on a PC

Google Stadia Controller: Initially, the Google Stage controller on the PC did not work fully, but thanks to several updates, Google finally forced it … to plug in. However, now it is also possible to use the Stadia remote control on a PC wirelessly and we will tell you everything you need to connect and