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Top 3 Service to Fax from Outlook 2020

With recent technological developments, you can now send faxes without a traditional fax machine. Fax machines of old require high upfront costs and restrict the user to a specific location. Fortunately, technology has made faxing to be as easy as emailing in today’s terms. Best of all, you get to carry your premium fax in

Spyine Review: Best Hidden Keylogger for Android

With so many Android keyloggers available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best. Falling prey to scams online can be detrimental to your device and can compromise your privacy. Spyine Review: Best Hidden Keylogger for Android Fortunately, we will introduce you to an Android keylogger that lets you monitor keystrokes remotely. I’m talking about

Spyier Review: The Best Phone Spy App 2020

The most typical intention for people to want a spy solution would be to keep an eye on somebody’s phone. On many occasions, these spying operations are initiated by diligent employers, concerned parents, or caring spouses. So, are you doubting that your partner is cheating on you? Is your kid distressed but don’t want to

Spyier Review: Hack a Phone With Just the Number

These days it is growing increasingly common for people to fall victim to their partners cheating. It is very usual these days for cheaters to ruin the lives of their partners through selfish reasons. In such a world the need might arise to hack a phone with just the number . But how can one

Spyic Review: The Best Android Spy App

Today’s world is overcrowded and this is true in every sense. We have ample of options at every front. Though it seemed a boon, it turned out to be a bane lately because it takes a lot to find out the right choice when we need a product/service. It realized the depth of this statement

Set up a VPN on My Smart TV to unblock Netflix content

Smart TVs allow us to get the most out of our TV with streaming services such as Netflix, Disney + and HBO , but it is possible that certain content in your country is blocked. Today, in this article, we will explain how to configure VPN on a smart TV quickly and easily. Thus, we can

PlayStation 5 games will not support DualShock 4

DualShock 4: Sony has confirmed this, the new PS5 Games will only be playable with the new DualSense. This means that no matter how many or what type of controls you have for your current PS4 , you won’t be able to use them and the reason seems more than justified. Although it will last, it

Options for FaceTime | Auto Zoom and Eye Contact

FaceTime , like many of Apple’s services, just works. Therefore, the app has few options with which to adjust the behavior of the service. Of those few options, there are two that are very useful to keep in mind: the option to automatically expand in a group conversation and the option of eye contact. Options for FaceTime | Auto

How to Watch Netflix Up to Four Devices at Once

Watch Netflix: Netflix as a video on demand service platform offers four subscription packages that you can enjoy through various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart televisions. One interesting streaming subscription package to try for families is the Netflix Premium package, also known as the Netflix Family Plan, because in this package you

How to Use Someone’s Phone Number to Hack Their Phone

It appears that hacking is so easy these days such that you can hack someone’s phone using their phone number. On the other hand, it’s easier said than done. Most applications that demand only the number end up being a scam. How to Use Someone’s Phone Number to Hack Their Phone So, is there a