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Tutubox | New Alternative Store for iOS

Tutubox is an alternative store for iOS that does not need jailbreak without a pc but directly with the iPhone. Tutubox App allows us to download crakkate apps, mods and also jailbreak . Tutubox | New Alternative Store for iOS Before you start you need to connect to a Wi-fi connection , then go to the iPhone

Android O | How to Install it

Android O is official and already available as a developer preview. You can therefore install it now on your Nexus 5X or 6P, your Pixel C or your Google Pixel or Pixel XL if ever you are lucky enough to have in your possession one of the latest Google phones. You will then be able to benefit

Download WATCHED to Watch Netflix For Free and Without Ads

Download WATCHED: Currently, we spend more time watching video on demand services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video,  Disney + ,  Apple TV + than traditional TV.  Netflix , the undisputed leader of SVOD platforms, its price starts at $ 7.99 per month. Although it is possible to benefit from a free month of Netflix, after this month of

8 Best Free VPNs for Android in 2021

In today’s technological age, we all stay connected to the world through the Internet. In doing so, we put much of our information at risk because it is exposed to the world. We surf a lot of websites in our daily life and some of them may be blocked due to some privacy concerns. Best

How to Mirror iPhone Screen on TV with Chromecast

One of the most interesting options that our iPhone or iPad allow us is that of being able to duplicate the screen on a television to view our photos or videos on a larger screen. This works wonderfully when you use AirPlay and Apple devices, however not all of us have an Apple TV connected to the

How to Install GCam 7.4 on Android

Modified version of Google Camera 7.4 with news to improve your photos has been released and can be installed on devices running Android 10. Learn how it is done! The  Google Camera , also popularly called GCAM, as its name suggests, is an application for taking pictures and recording videos, which comes pre-installed on devices

How to Get Hulk Gloves in Fortnite with Avengers Beta

A new aesthetic accessory inspired by the miracle universe is coming to  Fortnite , and this time we will have to do tasks elsewhere to get it. If you are looking for a way to get these Hulk gloves, we will leave you with the necessary steps to achieve this. How do you get a Hulk gloves? If you

Android | How to Clear Cache or Clear App Storage

Emptying the cache is often the right solution when an Android application becomes unresponsive, crashes multiple times, or suffers from a series of bugs. In this article, we’ll show you how clear App Storage. When an Android application stops responding, the first step is to force stop it to restart it. But when the problems

PlayStation 5 games will not support DualShock 4

DualShock 4: Sony has confirmed this, the new PS5 Games will only be playable with the new DualSense. This means that no matter how many or what type of controls you have for your current PS4 , you won’t be able to use them and the reason seems more than justified. Although it will last, it

Set up a VPN on My Smart TV to unblock Netflix content

Smart TVs allow us to get the most out of our TV with streaming services such as Netflix, Disney + and HBO , but it is possible that certain content in your country is blocked. Today, in this article, we will explain how to configure VPN on a smart TV quickly and easily. Thus, we can